What is Climate Stories NC?

Climate Stories NC seeks to capture the voices of ordinary North Carolinians—farmers, hunters, beekeepers, fishermen, Christmas tree growers and others whose lives have been affected by changes in the climate. The project, run by the Institute for the Environment at UNC, documents real people talking about real problems.

  • Stories are filmed or photographed on-site
  • All participants volunteer to share their experiences
  • Stories are made public on the web

A Personal Approach
Climate Stories NC represents a new approach to climate change outreach. From droughts to floods, record highs to record lows, Climate Stories NC is there to document how changes in the climate affect North Carolinians’ lives and livelihoods.

Example stories include observations about fish off the coast of NC migrating north for cooler waters, waterfowl flying south later each winter or not at all, and floods destroying pastureland for grass-fed hogs.

Climate Stories NC Creates…

Increased awareness about the indicators and impacts of climate change in NC

An outlet for North Carolinians who are facing inexplicable or unprecedented changes

Enhanced understanding by addressing common misconceptions about climate change

Bigger impact through distribution on a variety of social media platforms

Greater visibility as UNC-Chapel Hill demonstrates its commitment to community engagement and outreach

To get involved and for updates on our new documentaries follow us on social media!

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