Each of these resources provides more information about climate change and its predicted impact on North Carolinians. If there’s something missing from this page, please let us know.


Potential health effects of climate change in North Carolina from the National Resource Defense Council.

The potential impact of sea level rise on North Carolina’s Outer Banks from UNC-Chapel Hill lecturer Sara Peach.

Economic impacts of climate change on North Carolina from the University of Maryland.


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, is the leading international organization for climate change research.

UNC-Chapel Hill has put a Climate Action Plan into place in order to address its contribution to anthropogenic climate change.

Powering a Nation investigates the political, economic, and scientific tensions behind US energy.

Coastwatch is an innovative magazine published by the NC Sea Grant that highlights the latest in coastal science and technology. Viewers can experience coastal communities and appreciate coastal heritage through compelling articles and captivating photography.

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