Climate Stories NC seeks to capture the voices of North Carolinians whose lives have been affected by changes in the climate. These are their stories.

“Since … about the fourth or fifth grade, I’ve kept a journal, usually daily, of what birds I’ve seen… There have been a lot of changes.”

“Climate change and air quality are directly related”

“Water temperatures rise. The rainbow trout do not do well in warm water…Over the recent years, it has happened in at least four summer seasons.”

“When I think about the impacts of climate change, it’s not just that there is erosion…but rather that erosion seems to be accelerating at a dramatic rate.”

“For 4 of the last 6 years, we’ve had weather-related crop failures.”

“Fertility in the soil is our number one antidote to climate change.”

“Higher water temperatures lead to a decreasing spawning capability. Fishermen are moving north.”

“The changing climate and the shortened seasons throw honeybees off.”

“Trout streams are getting warmer.”

“Mother Nature tells you in a myriad of ways that something is a kilter.”

“Salt water is moving inland and killing [tree] species that are not salt tolerant.”

“Climate change and a warming world is impacting wildlife habitats and the sport that we love.”

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